Goods and Service Tax (GST) Acts passed by the Parliament

The Goods and Service Tax Act have been passed by the Indian Parliament and has received assent of the President. Once the said Acts are notified and the State GST Acts are enacted, GST shall come into force. It is highly expected that GST shall come into force force from 1st July 2017. The GST […]

Revised GST Rules dt. 31.03.2017 released for comments

Some of the rules have been placed in public domain by the GST Council for comments. Rules such as Valuation, ITC, Composition, Transition, etc. have been placed in public domain for the first instance. Whereas some revised version of rules have also been released, such as Rules pertaining to Invoice and Refund. The rules may […]

GST Bills as introduced in the Lok Sabha – 27.03.2017

The GST bills, namely CGST (Central GST), UTGST (Union Territory GST), IGST (Integrated GST) and GST Compensation to States Bill were introduced in the Lok Sabha on 27.03.2017. The bills are available as under for ready reference. Central Goods and Service Tax Bill, 2017 Union Territory GST Bill, 2017 Integrated GST Bill, 2017 GST Compensation […]

GST Executive Summary – by Mr. Pramod Kr. Rai

GST Executive Summary – Pramod Kr. Rai GST LAW: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I. At present we have a tax regime for Goods and Services with the following complexities: – i. The taxing event for taxes levied by Centre and taxes levied by States are different, for example taxing event for Excise is manufacture, whereas taxing event […]