1). Analysis of 101st Constitutional amendment Act-GST

2). GST in India-Old Committee Report-05.03.13

3). Refund Processes-GST

4). Registration Processes-GST

5). Return & Payment Processes-GST

6).Assessment, Audits, Demands and Recovery Provisions under GST

7).E-commerce under GST

8).GST- IGST,CGST,SGST, Levy, Composition Levy

9).Provisions related to Input Tax Credit under GST

10).Provisions related to filing of returns under GST

11).Provisions related to Place of supply under GST

12) Provisions related to Time of Supply under GST

13).Provisions related to Registration under GST

14).Provisions related to Valuation under GST

15) Provisions related to Offences and Penalties under GST

16) Draft Payment-Rules

18) Draft Returns- Rules

19) Draft Registration- Rules 

20) Draft Refund- Rules

21) Enrollment of existing taxpayers under GST

22) Transitional Provision under the revised GST Law

23) Impact of revised model GST on Real Estate